Vietnamese courses - Learn "Tiếng Việt" in Vietnam!

We offer Vietnamese language courses at several levels, with the additional option of arranged accommodation and housing with a host family. We also offer cultural programs for groups or individuals -- taught at least partially in Vietnamese, with the level of Vietnamese custom-tailored to the specific needs of each customer. We can accommodate native speakers not just of German but of English as well. Classes are held in the German Center-ST of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), but include visits to sites outside the school. 

Our Vietnamese language classes are based on the CEFR guidelines used for teaching European languages, with 4 basic levels: Level A (Beginner); Level B (Beginner/Intermediate; continuation and expansion of material in Level A); Level C (Intermediate); and Advanced. For Advanced-level courses, material is custom-tailored to the specific interests and needs of each individual student.

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Prices for Vietnamese language classes at our school in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Prices per Group
incl. course materials


6 units/week
8 units/week
12 units/week
24 units/week

Vietnamese classes form A1 - B2 level


650.000 VND / unit (45 min.)
14-15 600.000 VND / unit (45 min.)


540.000 VND / unit (45 min.)


480.000 VND / unit (45 min.)


420.000 VND / unit (45 min.)


360.000 VND / unit (45 min.)


300.000 VND / unit (45 min.)
Higher levels (C1-C2)
              +50.000 VND unit (45 min.) 
Classes outside of the Germancenter-ST (in HCMC)
           +40.000 VND / unit (45 min.)



Vietnamese language classes PLUS

In Vietnamese language classes PLUS, each grammatical lesson is tied closely to additional cultural topics and training, conducted by teachers who are experienced in intercultural communication. These lessons devote special focus to the distinctive nature of Vietnamese culture, particularly as it differs from German, American, British culture etc. Vietnamese languages classes PLUS make extensive use of video clips, photo essays, sayings, etc. to demonstrate conventional wisdom as it applies to Vietnamese and Western world views respectively. 

Some standard topics addressed in intercultural training during Vietnamese language classes PLUS:

  • The role of the family in Vietnam
  • The value of reciprocity
  • The principle of tình cảm (a notion of noble sentimentality)
  • Ideology and religiosity among the Vietnamese
  • Festivals and holidays in Vietnam, especially the Tet lunar new year
  • Top-down administration in businesses vs. horizontal administration
  • Life in a Vietnamese household – experienced during a home stay with a Vietnamese family (3 days to 1 week), where everyday language usage is practiced while getting to know a welcoming family
  • Food culture in Vietnam, with emphasis on the Vietnamese South and Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
  • Learning the lay of the land in Saigon and its environs, with exploration of particular sights
  • And more
  • Price: 1.000.000 VNĐ / week for classes concerning a cultural topic


Staying with a Vietnamese host family

We are also able to offer a stay with a Vietnamese host family during your trip in Vietnam, during which you get the most of your time by getting to know everyday Vietnamese culture firsthand. The families we work with are just as interested in you as you are in them, and seek an open, two-sided exchange. These families greatly enjoy learning about new cultures themselves.

  • Price per day, including breakfast, in a local Vietnamese family home: 20 USD


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