The animals in German language - Die Tiere

Die Tiere auf Deutsch

Which animal do you like? The following German online exercises will help you learn or expand your vocabulary on the subject of animals. In addition to the usual pets you will also get to know exotic and more unusual animals. The exercises are suitable for levels A1-B1.

Germancenter-ST wishes everyone lots of fun while practicing!

I. The names of the animals 

Start with the pets first and then continue with the more unusual and exotic animals. Drag the activities to the appropriate pictures. This exercise is suitable for level A1-B1. Have fun solving!

Note: Click on the arrows in the upper right corner of the exercise to view the exercise in full screen mode.


II The sounds of animals - What does a dog do in German?

First hear the sounds for the verbs and then add the right verbs in the exercise. At the end click on "Überprüfen".

muhen trompeten brüllen
bellen blöken knurren
grunzen  miauen zwitschern
heulen/jaulen gackern wiehern


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