Learn German with audio and video excercises

On this page you can find various exercises for learning German using audio and video files. These exercises help illustrate the phonetics and pronunciation of German, and also present several aspects of German culture and society.

The exercises are produced by our partner, the Deutsche Welle (www.dw.de), whose website includes further content for learning German under the section ‘Deutsch lernen.’ The video and audio files found there are primarily – but not exclusively – designed for students with prior knowledge of the German language – starting around Level A2/B1. They are used by our teachers in German classes held at our school in Saigon, in combination with additional materials made in-house used to clarify and expand each given topic.

Jojo´s Search for Happiness – A Telenovela for learning German

This series – presented in the manner of a Telenovela – is built around a young woman from Brazil (Jojo) who moves to the German city of Cologne and shares an apartment with two German university students. Told in several short and medium-length installments, the show is aimed at students of German who have reached the B1 level, and is an engaging tool for training listening comprehension while presenting typical cultural aspects of student life in Germany.

Deutsche Welle news videos about German topics

The DW specially edits German-language audio and video newscasts for those learning German as a foreign language, reporting on topics of current interest to those in Germany and abroad. Each file is accompanied by a glossary of vocabulary used and exercises that encourage critical reaction to the topic. These are crucial to training both listening and reading comprehension, and serve to deepen a student’s knowledge about important topics discussed in today’s German media. Newscasts are never presented as activities by themselves in our German courses; instead they are taught in tandem with a given grammatical topic or construction, allowing for clear, correct linguistic expression that builds on itself.

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