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The Germancenter-ST, the first private German language school in Vietnam (founded 2003), is one of the most advanced language teaching schools in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), with classes taught exclusively in German. Our institution is one that prizes progressive, proven methods for classroom instruction. This can be seen in our methodology and philosophy of teaching, which exhibits a constant commitment to the newest research and developments in the field of pedagogy.

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Are you an English or German speaker who has started a business in Vietnam and is having problems communicating with your coworkers or employees? Do your coworkers and employees in turn have a hard time understanding you? Is your international company having difficulty coordinating communication between German and Vietnamese native speakers, even through the shared language of English? We can help: we offer your company on-site German classes at your offices, and German speakers can also enroll in our Vietnamese classes.

Those living in Vietnam who come from German-speaking countries can use the Germancenter-ST for German language classes, Vietnamese language classes, and translating and interpreting services. What´s more, our expanded Vietnamese curriculum (Vietnamese course PLUS) covers Vietnamese culture and social norms at great length. Every country has its customs, and Vietnam is no different – but it´s not always easy learning the (often unspoken) rules that apply to foreigners doing business. Surviving in Vietnam means learning and mastering these rules, and language is a major means to the goal of understanding and bridge-building – and that means understanding both intellectually as well as behaviorally.

Vietnam – and Ho Chi Minh City more than anywhere else – is an increasingly attractive and lucrative place for investment from around the world, as its recent explosive development can attest. With a Vietnamese course PLUS from the German Center-ST, you can find a faster track to learning the individuality of Vietnamese culture – What is the Vietnamese way of thinking? What has influenced Vietnam throughout history? What do Vietnamese people value most highly? What is particularly important to keep in mind when traveling and operating in Vietnam? Such a course helps you not only to learn the country better but also to avoid the otherwise inevitable culture shock that hinders so many others. 

Because of our official recognition by and registration with the Education Offices of Ho Chi Minh City, we commit ourselves to rigorous quality controls and assessments for our services. Class sizes, for example, are limited to a maximum of 10 students – we know from experience how important it is for foreign language-learning to receive intense individual attention, of the sort that is not possible in larger classes. All of our language classes are led by teachers educated at the university level  – with additional, extensive support from native speakers of German for oral exercises and for phonetics and pronunciation exercises.

For further information and tips about our course offerings, please contact us at any time. It would be a pleasure for us to see you in one of our classrooms soon – smiling and eager to learn! 

Enjoy our website and good luck in Vietnam!

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